The dangers of life are infinite, and among them is safety. – Goethe

I was at a park watching the change of the leaves, relishing the scent of fall as we crossed the threshold of the equinox, over the midpoint of the astrological year. There I was, in the middle of a vast industrial city I have grown to embrace. Even love. There I sat, every day, a cool spot fringed by soulful old trees that beguiled me with wise words, sometimes cracking me up with their otherworldly sense of cosmic humor.

There I pondered, reflecting on the harvest of a big year, the gut-wrenching decisions and deep letting gos, and inevitable change. Of the seasons. Of me. Reflecting on transitions. The sense of despair, desolation and grief change brought.

At a recent healing session, my client shared a lifechanging decision. She let go of her live-in helper of seven years so she can be fully engaged with her young children. So she, the mother, can be the lamp for the ones she birthed. It is disruption, to say the least. This requires an entire overhaul in her lifestyle. A radical shift in comfort zone.

Change is messy. Change requires courage. She chooses where to place her courage, in the life she envisions to live. It is worth the chaos, the I-want-to-tear-my-hair-out moments.

Change calls for profound surrender. To the unknown. To safety.

Change calls for deep love.

It is with mad love for this transient thing called Life that I continue to edit the world I want to create for myself.

Unknowingly, I found myself finding my inner music most of this year, through the physical practice of a dance designed to confound and frustrate. And now a musical instrument so I can take bhakti, devotion, to the next level. Mind you, dancing and playing an instrument were never easy for me. I want it hard enough to rewire myself. I am so willing. I know I must.

My daily practices, come sunshine or storm, are my commitment to living a life that reflects my deepest values.

As I crossed many thresholds of sorts this year, hands on my heart, I bow in immense humility and gratitude for this breath, this beating heart, courage and grace. It is an honor to live this deeply.

This season of transitions, I am seeding flow. My inner music making space for magic and beauty.

What is alive for you, dear hearts? How do you make room for them? No matter the change and transitions you are shifting through, may you always sing your heart song, with conviction and full of soul. May you live the life that is longing to live through you.

You don’t have to live through the darkness of change alone. There’s nothing quite like practical tools and energetic support to see you through transitions. In addition to Kundalini Yoga, a holistic healing session with me includes Tibetan singing bowls strategically placed on your physical body. Where and how my hands and bowls move are guided by my inner knowing and your spirit guides. Together, we move energy and navigate this sweet little journey. Read what others say about my heart work here. Let’s do this together – connect with me here.