To the mountains and back

to the mountains
and back
and back

A longing set in motion. 

Coming up close with this mountain range, perhaps a harbinger of the work I am called to do. Self-healing retreats set deep in nature. 

As a travel and wellness writer, I wrote about healing journeys for decades. I dreamt of hosting my own the last 10 years.

Life took many twists and turns. Every way brought me back to Love and Light, manifested in so many ways, rarely in the manner I imagined them to be.

This afternoon, watching this landscape in all its stunning simplicity, and having moved house recently, discarding the old me in the process, it really struck me what touches the heart is so pure and simple. 

This is all I need. 

One of my biggest and most heartbreaking lessons this year is understanding and therefore redefining spirituality. 

Spirituality is hardly about connecting with “up there” or your channeling prowess. 

Spirituality is about humanity. Your interconnectivity with all sentient beings. Spirituality is how you vibrate the you into you.

Having practiced more “powerful” healing modalities, it is still yoga and Reiki I return to. 

They have remained my constant companions through change.

They work if you work. 

They require no special talent reserved only for the gifted. 

You show up and get in touch with every fiber that weaves you into one whole. Everybody and every body can self-heal with yoga and Reiki. Pure. Simple. Accessible. 

This afternoon, I raised my head to these mountains and said yes, I am ready to show you practical self-healing tools that will empower, fortify and see you through this beautifully warped thing called Life. 

See you in the mountains?