I was raised in a Buddhist family, studied Buddhism alongside Biology and Literature in school, and my late father was a Tibetan Buddhist monk a large part of my life. From a young age, I was cognizant of the concept of impermanence and suffering as a human condition. While my father was regularly engaged for all manner of purification rituals, my mother and both sides of the ancestral line have extra-sensory abilities. As a highly sensitive empath, I sense energy easily and naturally. It was only much later I accepted my sensitivity as a gift and felt safe to channel this spiritual sight.

For me, the work I call a vocation has a greater purpose. I want to be more than a conduit for Divine messages and healing. My intention is always to guide people to access their own divinity, to experience a more connected and spacious life with room for freedom, peace and love. I believe we are gifted this amazing and beautifully complex vessel that is capable of healing itself, if we allow. So I birthed my retreats, Self-Healing Journeys, in 2019. They were a lifetime in the making. It felt like the universe conspired to present all my gifts in a neat little package. Self-Healing Journeys are all about showing you how to reach your innate wisdom and intelligence, with the medicine of yoga, meditation and energy medicine.

Though Reiki formally opened my door to the healing world not too long ago, I have been familiar with metaphysics for over 30 years. My teenage self got acquainted with the mysteries of the universe when I saved money from a vacation job to purchase my first astrology book. As a young adult, I explored the length, breadth and depth of divination. They say life had other plans but I was never far from where I am meant to be. My deep calling to empower people to self-heal was simply manifested in other forms, as a travel and wellness writer and social entrepreuneur.

As my healing journey unfolded, old memories, some from previous lifetimes surfaced for cleansing, forgiving and healing. Even as a healer and spiritual teacher who appeared to have everything together, I was bruised to the bones from a deeply karmic unraveling that shattered the life I had studiously built. A journey lived on authenticity, honesty and courage demanded that I addressed my wounds. I dove deep into shadow work tending to my inner child. I allowed my pain to soften what needed more tenderness. I released outdated memories, and past and present life remnants stored in my body with yoga and meditation. I enlisted Divine assistance for soul-level cleansing. Slowly but surely, one letting go at a time, my daily spiritual practices integrated pieces that had fallen apart. This is why I do what I do. Every morning, I rise and choose heart-centered living all over again.

There is no greater luminosity than a woman who knows who she is and what she stands for.

From the depth of my soul, I am called to help you access this power residing in you. All you need is the courage to heal. All you need is you because the choice is always yours to make. The Work begins when you are willing a take a small step to commit to living the highest evolution of yourself. On top of yoga and meditation, these are the complementary healing therapies I offer. As a multidisciplinary therapist, I weave several practices into a program to support a journey that would have you living a life that is longing to live through you.

Inner Child Integration Therapy

Let us liberate ourselves from any form of control. Let us focus at the inner drum, where the rhythm aligns with that of our heart. The measure of responsibility, equals to the need for evolution. Just listen, the inner child, let it whisper in your ear. – Grigoris Deoudis

Your inner child is the seed of who you are, the essence of the flower that is ready to bloom forth in its full glorious beauty. It is the person you were before the world told you who to be.

Our childhood experiences shape our internal landscape and life script: How we should live, how we should be, how we should be seen. These shoulds are endless, based on the distorted and wounded lens worn by grown-ups.

The blueprint of our subconscious programing since childhood become patterns and conditionings that show up and sabotage our lives right into adulthood.

In Inner Child Integration Therapy, we release energy frozen in repression, and express and heal responses arising from unresolved emotions. Profound healing happens when we return to the place of early woundings to identify and resolve painful experiences we have subconsciously and even consciously tucked behind shut doors.

This multidimensional methodology is a powerful process that hands the self-realization back to you. We peel down to the root of conflict. We examine patterns – including ancestral’s and familial’s – habits, belief systems and thought forms. We connect them with addictions, constant drama, unhealthy relationship dynamics, physical illnesses and every malaise presented. Going beyond relieving symptoms, we examine coping mechanisms, weed what no longer serves and plant seeds for a new way of being. We move out of victimization and martyrdom into a state of harmony and wholeness.

Inner Child Integration Therapy is shadow work at its deepest. You will no longer want to return to the old you, the one held in by dead weight. You will walk freely and fully into your life, at your own terms. You new script is for the best and highest you.

The power of your healing is within you. My role is simply to facilitate the homecoming of your inner child. Together, we co-create a personal reality that brings deep internal freedom so you can confidently and fearlessly be your authentic self. Opening the door to self-love, self-worth, self-trust and self-acceptance invites a spaciousness so we can live to our fullest, most creative potential.


Rei = Japanese word “Rei” meaning divine and pure
Ki = Vital energy, life force

Reiki with its roots in Japan is the most mainstream energy medicine today. It is a safe and simple way to self-heal. Reiki is a hands-on therapy. The practitioner places her hands on the body, on wherever Reiki energy is needed so the gentle Universal Energy can do what it needs to do to transform and heal.

The energy of Reiki is known to promote post-surgery recovery, induce a deep sense of calm and balance, and relieve conditions ranging from insomnia and anxiety to eczema and muscle tension.

Reiki heals beyond the physical. In reality, the malaise manifested on a physical level is a dis-ease at a soul level because what the physical body experiences and feels is true. Our external world simply mirrors this inner reality. When we choose to bury and deny our pains and wounds under layers of make-believe stories and masks, the comfort zone we build is as cozy and familiar as it is limiting and ultimately debilitating.

Think of Reiki as a large stone and the human a pond with sand at the bottom. When this stone is cast, sand is stirred and rises to the surface. These are accumulated conditionings that require our attention. Reiki creates waves that are ripple-like to heal at a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. Whatever surfaces is part of the emotional vibratory matrix being purified. Overtime, with consistent Reiki therapy, the water becomes clearer.

Reiki is my favorite self-healing tool to teach. With Reiki, everyone can have the gift of healing hands. Everyone can live a balanced and harmonious life. I love to teach Reiki in an intimate retreat setting so the pace is more relaxed, my students get more practice and together we travel a more introspective journey. Please send me an email if you wish to join my next private retreat.

Energy Healing

All things are possible. Who you are is limited by who you think you are. – Egyptian Book of the Dead

I, a Lemurian being of Light, am a blessed channel for Divine energy from Source. They are ascended masters, unicorns, dragons, and angels and Egyptian divinities I am connected with. This hands-on therapy and energetic reading lends insight and brings remarkable relief to present-life challenges. The high vibrational divine energy works through deeply embedded energetic imprints, often from past lives, to release, recalibrate and realign for profound healing. This in turn creates greater harmony in all areas of your life.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Frequency; not frequently. Vibrate to migrate… mind-states. – T.F. Hodge

When I first heard her primordial sounds, I thought I returned to our connection many lifetimes ago. It was a deeply emotional moment of recognition. She is today an extension of my sensory system. We travel energetically in tandem in a healing session. I listen in, she tells me where she likes to be placed, on the physical body, and how she wants to be sounded so her vibrations can clarify, heal and fortify.

Consistent vibrational therapy can bring relief to physical ailments rooted in disconnection and imbalance. Binaural beats naturally found in ancient instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls allow the brain to enter into a more relaxed theta state so the processes that regulate the physical body can recalibrate. The mind has no defense against these sound vibrations. When they penetrate and confront this matrix at a cellular level, we begin to peel away layers of entrapped memories and patterns.

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Note: These complementary therapies may be effective but they are not intended to be substituted for conventional medical advice.