The space in between

I like to take my students through their breath before we tune in with Adi mantra, to the teacher before, with and within us.

We inhale trust, exhale fear. We inhale flow, exhale letting go of holding on. We exhale layers and layers of what does not serve us. We lengthen and lighten, root deeper and deeper.

The space in between, the yogis name it kumbhaka, is that precious pause between inhalation and exhalation.

It is the space of becoming. Everything that is yet to be. It is the space I inhabit at this very moment.

It is pregnant with possibilities, yet full of nothingness.

In the very present moment, I am witnessing the ebbing and flowing of my breath above my lips, observing the unfolding, and patterns and rhythms of months gone by.

The older I get, the more I value slow, conscious living. You know, pause, breathe deeply, and soften and ground. And taking time. Lots of time to connect to my inner stillness. As the months pass, the more I see the virtue in having the courage to leave behind safety and denial, to follow what lights me up, to love what I love.

This Super Full Moon in Libra and the beginning of an astrological year in Aries, both at zero degrees signifying a major reset, I ponder everything I let go off. I bow deeply to the many deaths that brought me to the fertile ground I am standing today. The seeds I have been planting are beginning to sprout.

The younger me thought being fiercely independent, resilient and strong willed was strength. As I am inching my way to 50, I realize strength is rooting more and more into myself, that I live deep and true, to the wind with certainties and niceties.

With this strength, I can begin again and again. I am alive. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Happy Super Full Moon and Spring Equinox!