The Move

This phenomenal year of fervent weeding culminated in a physical relocation. The Big Move.

The immensity of physical stocktaking has an extra sensitivity when the incessant peeling of layers all year long has left one pink and raw.

What more, how much more, can one shed?

Letting go is a practice. Letting go is a process of commitment. Just like showing up on the mat, every damn day, through illness, loss and grief.

I thought I died so many deaths this year. On some days, ghosts I thought I had banished returned with shocking ferocity. These were moments I could not prepare enough for.

I honored all that arose and moved through the sensations. I allowed myself to feel deeply, completely, like a Highly Sensitive Person knew how.

I allow so the pain does not stay in my cells. I allow the physicality of my Kundalini Yoga practice to release energies that do not serve me. There were days I found it necessary to spend all day on the mat because the technology does what it does, transmute to transform.

This is the yoga I practice off and on the mat.

So one afternoon, I acknowledged my past, all the publications I have written for, and let them go. My lifelong career as a scribe covering travel and wellness perfectly set me up for the path I am walking today.

Conscious Living is conscious living. Whether I wear the hat as an earnest travel and wellness writer, idealistic social entrepreneur, or purposeful energy medicine practitioner.

Letting go does not mean forgetting. I fully honor the lessons and experiences that have chiseled me into shape. I am grateful for the mirrors and lemons.

By letting go, I am closer to the life I have been indefatigably carving. All the rebirthing and dying processes in my Kundalini Yoga practice have served me. I work on my subconscious, clear my karma as I live the dharma and build my aura and prana as I manifest my dreams and life purpose.

I want to know when death comes a knocking I have pursued my True Loves. I embrace Satnam like my second skin.

All my heartfelt adventures have shown me how I can be more fearless. You know what, I can Rise Up to my calling because, more than ever, I am connected to the teacher residing in me.

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