filling my cup
half full
so I can do what I have to do to walk myself home

I begin and end the day with a gratitude practice. I ground, center and send Thank Yous to ether, God, the Sikh Gurus and all my Guides. Connecting to something bigger than my finite existence is incredibly humbling. Gratitude teaches me surrender, trust and faith.

This year is one year where questions loomed larger than answers, where endings and loss were acutely mourned because beginnings appeared nowhere near. When clarity was wanting, all I could do was consciously ground into the present. My dedicated Kundalini Yoga practice saw me through weeks and months when life threw so many lemons I could not summon enough good humor to make lemonade.

When I tune in with Adi mantra before my practice, ong namo guru dev namo, I surrender to something larger than me. When I close with satnam, Truth is my identity, I anchor deeper into my own truth, knowing the pure light within me will guide my way on.

This one hell of a year of shedding, I peeled off so many layers I was all raw, and on some days, feeling pretty damn bloodied. Truths and comfort zone are tricky to navigate. Authenticity is hardly comfortable.

I am grateful for the shadows and difficult truths. Sign me up please if growth can be scheduled at a more convenient time. All I can do is breathe, move the energy, slow the eff down. All I can do is to make room for seeds I have planted to push their way out of earth. To have space to witness this blossoming, that’s plenty to be grateful for.

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