Have you noticed the pared down yearend festivities everywhere? Simplicity lends a muted (or somber?) tone as it is a beautiful reminder of an inner divinity that is beyond external “stuff”. We are so much more than our material existence and a security built on what is outside of us. 

Is it ironic we began a new decade locking down and in, rebuilding our inner foundation in this Year of 4. This extraordinary year of lockdown – if you have not heard, “Lockdown” is declared Word of the Year by Collins Dictionary – is one to breathe deeper into the body temple. This gift of a heartbeat, this life is a sacred gift to be savored deeply, truly, with heart and soul eyes wide open. The place where we meet our divinity is also where vulnerability resides. It is the heart-opening Fish pose that reaches the depth of our being so we experience our own vastness in our physical and spiritual heart. Touching, feeling and seeing this true core renders a fearlessness to navigate change with openness.

With external gratification largely beyond reach this year, the Thanksgiving that just passed had many of us reflecting on all that we already have. There was bemoaning of what could have been, yet there was astounding room for growth. The wise saying “In is the only way out” calls for a literal interpretation. There has not been a better time to dive into the art – and heart – of happiness. We are being shown an opportunity to return to the center when the sun is shining at its most radiant and when the moon is singing a sorrowful tune. We are being asked to relax and breathe more profoundly into our hearts amid economic hardship and all round pandemic fatigue.

Like an asana practice, challenges in 2020 ask us to choose the journey over the destination, self-inquiry over achievement. We have a choice of spending three minutes tuning into nuances of a yoga posture or mindlessly going through the motion wishing the timer will go off sooner.

Amid the mayhem, loss and rage, the attitude of genuine gratitude is a state of mind that supports the nervous system and turns everything into enough. There is plenty to be grateful for. I am grateful for dedicated students who show up for class week after week, pink hued skies, nourishing heart connection with my chosen soul family, and soul resonance that transcends the divide of oceans and mountains. 

This year of traveling within and in my backyard has unlocked answers that were just under my nose. Spending so much time in nature reminds me of the cyclical nature of life, of resilience and impermanence. Nature teaches grace, adaptability and interconnectivity. This big year is asking us to choose evolution over dogmatically clinging to the outworn and known. It asks for a new way of being, letting go of what was to make space for what is to be. The conscious mind and eyes may not always see the path ahead but trust spirit knows. This year is also asking for letting go of control and putting in the work to overcome and rise above our old selves.

Faith and diligence are required from us. 

I am grateful to close this year with two in-person energy healing sessions at Pure Wellness. We will be reflecting on this big year of change and meditating on our vision for 2021. We begin with gentle movement to connect and awaken our inner landscape before we lie back to receive the wonderfully restorative energy of Reiki and crystals. We are so blessed to be tapping into potent cosmic energies to clear inner and outer clutter, rebalance and reset. The sheer amount of high frequency light streaming onto earth will be extra-illuminating and catalytic.

This is going to be a cozy, energetically charged circle with limited spots.

Dec 23, Wednesday, 6pm and 8pm.

Book your spot here, and feel free to reach out at if you have questions.

I look forward to setting the intentions of renewal and reimagining a very near 2021 with you. Sending you lots of love and wishing you peace, joy and inspiration. May every one of us shine our brilliant light like never before.