Develop Your Hidden Greatness


Doing sadhana doesn’t make challenges disappear, it helps us to clarify, refine, and build the strength of the nervous system to welcome the challenges and see them as supportive aids in our health, happiness and prosperity. – Simrit Kaur

Day 90 of Develop Your Hidden Greatness Kriya

These words from Simrit Kaur sum up why I practice. Why I wake every damn morning at ungodly, or rather Godly hour to move and sit on the mat. This is one meditation that saw me through so much change.

Disillusions, rage, heartbreaks, illnesses, all the negativity life had to throw at me and one hell of an eclipse and retrogade season.

This is one meditation that saw me through breakthroughs, recalibrated my stories, and gifted me so much faith, insights and tenacity in the face of a sense of calamity.

The T mudra cutting through blocks. The Saturn finger imparting patience. The breath, long, deep and clarifying. The mantra fortifying like no other.

I practice every damn day not to be superhuman. Surrendering is a process. Letting go is a practice. Deep listening is a subtle art.

I practice to be more human, more humane. I practice to see the light in the cracks. Rain or shine, through sickness and health. Because life is just too darn hard if I don’t.

Pavan guru

I have been immersing myself in the woods. Extraordinarily long walks in the jungle interspersed with pranayam breaks.

Long deep conscious breath, feeling into a quiet song only the forest knows how to sing.

Sitting through and with this pause invokes a tenderness that is part understanding and part allowing. Practicing yoga with the breath, off the mat, is a reminder of transience and transitions.

Night falls. Light will come again.

Simply inviting the next breath as I draw the last.

In the present, there is ease and steadiness.

No resistance.

No past and future.

Just here and now.


GOD and me are one

Ik sansaaree ik bandaaree ik laa-ay-deebaan.

I have been waking the last several mornings with these words in my head. They are a line from Japji Sahib, the Sikh holy text I recite daily as part of my sadhana.

The line – One, the Creator of the World; One, the Sustainer; and One, the Destroyer – translates to GOD.

In Kundalini Yoga, GOD refers to the energy that Generates, Organizes and Destroys or Delivers.

GOD was never so keenly felt until recently. I returned home from a series of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainings that had me digging into the depths and crevices of my heart and soul only to realize the esoteric work I thought I had going for me was a mere illusion.

I was as devastated by my own delusion as I was completely brought back to earth by the realizations that came forth.

As a dedicated yoga practitioner, I should be, in theory, a shining example of yoga, the union of mind, body and spirit. After all, I pour hours into the mat. I should be balanced and at peace, enjoy amazing relationships, and have glowing skin and aura that radiates 20 feet.

Yet I stumble and struggle like a human does.

There were low days when my Negative Mind loomed large. These few weeks were those days.

Seeking solace and clarity from my mat, I dove deeper into my Kundalini Yoga practice.

I emerged to fully grasp spirituality isn’t at all about transcendental experiences and prophetic divination.

Spirituality is how you navigate mindfully and compassionately with sentient beings who are unique yet not all that different from you.

Understanding through the lens of compassion is a far more loving and present way of living.

We are all a work in progress. Some days are better or worse than others. Debilitating emotions don’t get banished overnight. Some among us are trying our best to overcome sins or poisons. It is lifelong hard work. It is all part of being human. Who is 100 percent all the time?

Life is one big practice. Just like the physical asana practice. Every damn day.

I have walked so many circles this lifetime. Some roads converged and led to more detours. This path turned out to be the biggest circle I have walked.

Yoga it is. Living the yoga it shall be.

Tuning into guru dev, the teacher within, I have come home to this one Truth.

The Divine lives in my heart, not just up there.

Let God. Let flow. Happy International Day of Yoga!

The gift of breath

Humee hum tumee toom wahe guru

I am thine in mine myself wahe guru

Teaching this meditation in a Kundalini Yoga class last week, as part of an introspective yearend set, I too was stricken by how my yoga practice has connected me to my own infinity.

Because the practice of yoga is less about asana and more about what transpires outside the mat, how you show up for the practice is a reflection of how you show up for life.

Are you moving through breathlessly and relentlessly? Are you taking a few moments to pause before transiting into the next exercise?

My practice – and life – changed the moment I took more than a pause between asanas.

Taking time to consciously breathe through each nostril, to feel my entire torso filling up with breath, the breath that sustains us, is almost cathartic.

Soul-cleansing cathartic.

Most significantly, Pranayama, one of the Eight Limbs of Yoga, has shown me the virtues of breathing space into everything.

Breathing when I am chewing my food. Breathing when I am walking to catch a bus. Breathing when my heart aches.

It’s as if breathing through every core of my being has allowed me to viscerally and gently embrace all the unknowns and what-ifs that are unfolding before me.

The insecurity that comes with anticipating the disasters ahead dissolves when there’s space to step back, and you know, breathe cool breaths into a raging storm that always threatens to tear me up.

The moment I realized the sense of vastness in me mirrors the infinity offered by the universe, doors crack open. I receive people, places and little bounties that serve my highest good.

I have trusted the stream of consciousness offered by my breath will steadily and gracefully guide my every step.

This breath nourishes me as it fills my heart with a deep sense of gratitude.

It is with gratitude – and lungs and belly full of breaths – I am starting 2018, knowing the gift of breath will open me to the vast oceans in and outside of me.

Truly, everything is inside of me.

I am thine in mine myself.

Wahe guru!