Retreats offer a soul-satisfying opportunity to retreat into your inner world, to listen to the wise little voice inside that is oft silenced from our constant busyness. Self-Healing Journeys are more than feel-good vacations. The retreats I curate are as much about re-connection and restoration as they are about empowering you to self-heal. They combine some of Mother Nature’s most soul-stirring landscapes, transformational workshops, good food, rest and heartfelt connections with locals and like-minded seekers. They are crafted to take you through a meditative journey infused with nature and self-empowering tools so you return to the urban jungle well equipped to navigate the complex physical, mental and emotional stimuli.

What You Will Take Home

You will experience firsthand how Reiki and Yoga can support you during this intimate retreat and your real life journey after. In the company of Mother Earth, you will understand how you can create this sacred balance and union between your inner and external nature. You will return home more aware of your energy patterns, how to tap into the innate wisdom of the body and restore it to its natural state of well being.

More importantly, you will learn how to heal yourself. The human body is born with the ability to self-heal. Modern technology and a relentless pace of life have made us forgotten we are essentially spiritual beings having a human experience. My toolkit will create the lasting change you are seeking.

A Day Looks Like This

  • Energizing yoga
  • Hearty breakfast
  • Reiki Level 1 workshop
  • Sumptuous lunch
  • Nature walk
  • Tea, self-Reiki practice and meditation in nature
  • Delicious dinner

Self-Healing Journeys are designed to allow an insight into an all-encompassing yoga experience. After all yoga means to join; it is a union of individual and universal energy. Through seva, the yogic principle of selfless service, my wish is we are able to experience the beauty of being part of a larger community. Humans are just one part of this intricately woven web of life.

It is as much about you as it is about humanity and our interconnectivity. Self-Healing Journeys have everything I love and care dearly about.

Upcycled yoga rugs from garment factory off-cuts empower 60 disadvantaged women.

Retreat to Re-align

As a seeker all my life, and breathing and living conscious living as a travel and wellness writer and social entrepreneur, my Self-Healing Journeys are a reflection of everything I do and love. Every path I took returned me again and again to the work I am called to do, to empower.

As an internationally published writer, my articles inspired readers to live a deeper and more satisfying life. As a social entrepreneur, my mindfully procured Fair Trade goods from Third World communities put children through school. This is the work I stand for. I am so very grateful this calling from my heart and soul has touched lives.

“I’ve known Joan [Sita Pavan] since she was a travel and wellness writer, crafting stories that stirred the soul. Now, she pours the same passion into Kundalini Yoga… I think, like her writing, Joan’s gift as a Kundalini Yoga teacher is being able to help you dig deep to uncover your Truth.” – Stephanie Yeo, editor

I will get right in there with you. We will study, breathe, move and take long walks in nature. We will dig deep to create alignment, learn to find pockets of time to self-heal in order to create long-lasting comfort.

The accommodation of choice is nestled amid nature. We will nourish ourselves at the dining table, on the yoga mat, in nature and with plenty of Reiki. Our afternoon walks are easy and highly accessible. In this glorious greenscape we are going to find a shady spot to enjoy some tea, practice Reiki, meditate. There’s no rush to go anywhere except within.  

“During my walks with Joan [Sita Pavan], I learned to slow down to appreciate nature more. I never noticed the little things until my walks with her; the different types and patterns of leaves, the flow of little streams of water created by rainfall, colorful flowers and sounds of nature around us. Yoga and meditation in nature with Joan brought lightness and clarity to my life. So refreshing that I wished our time in nature would continue without ending.” – Henry Tan, educator.

All levels of practitioners are welcome. What I teach matters as much as how I help you to discover your inner teacher. The very foundation of my retreats are empowerment. Certainly you will have a good time in the duration of the retreat, and you will learn how to feel good inside when the weather outside is less than balmy.

“Paying attention to that [breathing] space helped to truly integrate into the practice and ‘be in the moment’. It’s such an essential step that I miss in most other Kundalini Yoga classes so I sometimes try to incorporate it in my personal practice. Being in Joan’s [Sita Pavan] class is a rare treat, especially so for a commercial studio. She teaches with such grace and generosity and I am truly grateful for each experience.” – Mei, spiritual seeker and Kundalini Yoga practitioner.

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It does not matter if you are nursing a chronic health condition, a curious seeker on the spiritual path or an accomplished gymnast, we will begin at where you are. All that is required is the seeker seeks change. Not only because change is the only constant, because you willing to open yourself to restructuring is the first step to self-healing.

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