Retreat with me

Time surely has wings. A quarter of the year flew by. How has it been for you?

We’re right smack in the middle of the energy of expansion and growth, into what is most authentic at our soul level. This year has been nothing short of spectacular for me. It has been a profound time of healing and seismic shifts in the last weeks. It seems the answers I sought are finally visible in the cracks where light comes in.

It felt like all the tools I have been fervently polishing are sparkling. I now find myself returning to my center quicker as I sharpen my self-observation skills. I catch myself before I trip and fall into a downward spiral. I drop it.

The kind of “dropping it” I am talking about brings a sense of liberation. In this space, there is no struggle, no drama, just incredible peace.

The practice of just-dropping-it is simple yet so profound.

Letting go is a constant practice. Letting go is also a conscious moment of observing and rewiring habits and thought forms so change is sustainable.

Here’s what works for me and I want to share the practice I lean on.

For five days, I am going to show you life tools you can take home with you. I have put together a retreat to empower you with medicine you can have, for keeps, for the rest of your life. It is not just a feel-good, skim-the-surface vacation that leaves you wanting for the next holiday.

You will learn how to heal yourself with Reiki energy, breathe into your every cell and move every fiber of your being with simple and powerful exercises designed to fit into your busy lifestyle. All these amid the jaw-dropping landscape of the Himalayas.

This clarity and connection will always be accessible to you. You will return to real messy world with an arsenal of tools to live a deep and satisfying life.

Begin with me here.

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