Before the healing, I was feeling tightness in my heart and back area. I had a sense of feeling “stucked”. Joan [Sita Pavan] was very intuitive throughout our Reiki and Tibetan singing bowl healing sessions. She accurately detected and diagnosed my body pain and what had caused the pain. Throughout the sessions, I was able to understand more about myself and how stored emotions could actually transform to physical pains with time and energy build ups. The sound healing was very soothing and I really enjoyed the vibrations and the harmony of the sound produced by the bowls. Somehow, after the healing sessions, my physical and mental body felt renewed. I felt a sense of rejuvenation and more life coming back to me! Thank you Joan for being so sincere and authentic throughout the healing. You have given me sound advice and insights, which had all worked very well for me. – Claire Leong, finanicial planner

Along my path to harmony between heart, mind and soul, Joan [Sita Pavan] appeared. With a combination of Kundalini Yoga, meditation and healing she guided me down my path. Her insight into my heart and soul was startling and she clearly identified the major blocks I have to clear to find continuous harmony. I am grateful, for myself and others, that Joan chose to follow her calling. – Jomar

As a naturally anxious person, I experience constant and severe belching. Joan’s gentle and healing touch with her hands and Tibetan singing bowls brought me so much ease my disruptive burps ceased. – Gu Cha, retiree

Not only did I feel so relaxed after my healing session with Joan, she intuitively knew the challenge I was struggling with. I was surprised she heard the unspoken words in my heart. I am grateful she was completely present with me and went on to work on healing the stagnant energy I had been holding in my body. – Yue Ying, manager


Truthfully, I was a little skeptical before I embarked on this retreat as I only had minimal experience with yoga. Nevertheless, I went with an open mind and I have not regretted since. Sita Pavan did a wonderful job with our sessions . I learned much about Kundalini yoga and Reiki healing . How these two exercises enhance our lives and others as well. There’s a lot of positive vibes in this retreat. I came back recharged , empowered and able to see things in a fresh perspective. We were also very fortunate to encounter good weather and in the excellent company of local people. I felt very blessed to be able to learn and grow. I will definitely bring back this gift and share with my loved ones. Thank you Sita Pavan for this privilege ❤ Totally recommend this retreat. – Angeline Tan

This retreat was so much than what I could have hoped for.  Sita Pavan did an excellent job to teach our group about what Reiki healing is and Kundalini Yoga with breathing method and meditation. I had a relaxing and enjoyable time with beautiful nature, nice local meals, seasonal fruits and also friendly people. I felt very lucky to have this chance to learn and spend a week of wonderful time. I absolutely recommend this retreat to everyone. – Ancely Voon

This retreat is a fruitful trip for me. A precious “me” time for myself to learn about Kundalini Yoga, Reiki and meditation. I also had a great time to enjoy the nice scenery in Nepal. It’s such a luxury and wonderful time for me. To me, Reiki is an unique power which I really did not expect I actually brought it back with me from this trip. I am very grateful to Sita Pavan for giving me a meaningful retreat and a lifetime gift of Reiki. Highly recommend this retreat to everyone of you! – Jasmine Pang


I’ve known Joan [Sita Pavan] since she was a travel and wellness writer, crafting stories that stirred the soul. Now, she pours the same passion into Kundalini Yoga. Her classes were different. Why were her kriyas [exercises] more demanding physically and mentally? Why was there so much dancing? What was going on? Only when I could let go and allow the process to unfold, did I start to enjoy it. I think, like her writing, Joan’s gift as a Kundalini Yoga teacher is being able to help you dig deep to uncover your Truth. It’s not always a comfortable process, but there is (almost) always dancing. – Stephanie Yeo, editor

Joan [Sita Pavan] takes us on a journey through the subtle space and pauses and we are gently guided into a state of nothingness. My favorite part is when she reminds us to delve into the moment between our breath and with that, I am able to go deeper into the practice and enjoy the effort, rather than focusing on the challenge of the exercises. Paying attention to that space also helped to truly integrate into the practice and ‘be in the moment’. It’s such an essential step that I miss in most other Kundalini Yoga classes so I sometimes try to incorporate it in my personal practice. Her special attention towards the guided relaxation (both going into and coming out of it) is also a bonus and helps me to ease into meditation that follows. Being in Joan’s class is a rare treat, especially so for a commercial studio. She teaches with such grace and generosity and I am truly grateful for each experience. – Mei, spiritual seeker and Kundalini Yoga practitioner

Sita Pavan is a very talented Kundalini yoga instructor and embodies everything that I believe yoga stands for. She is very dedicated, warm and compassionate. Her classes are dynamic and challenging but with an essence of gentleness, all rolled into one. The purpose of the class, kriya and meditation are clearly explained and I personally feel energized, joyful and invigorated afterwards. She puts so much love and passion into her teaching and create the most wonderful atmosphere to practice in, putting everyone immediately at ease. I could not recommend Sita Pavan more highly. She’s truly special and gifted.- Tej Randevi, Kundalini Yoga teacher

During my walks with Joan [Sita Pavan], I learned to slow down to appreciate nature more. I never noticed the little things until my walks with her; the different types and patterns of leaves, the flow of little streams of water created by rainfall, colorful flowers and sounds of nature around us. Yoga and meditation in nature with Joan brought lightness and clarity to my life. Her guidance through yoga and meditation provided my body good blood circulation. So refreshing that I wished our time in nature would continue without ending. – Henry Tan, educator

Joan is born to be a spiritual teacher and healer. She has an ethereal presence paired with a wonderful and rare gift of intuition and compassion. I find her Kundalini Yoga classes to be both refreshing and uplifting. – Audrey

Ever since I started Kundalini Yoga classes with Joan, I have benefited tremendously both from the physical and non-physical plane. Joan has been very intuitive towards the yoga sessions as she is always able to work through the blocks within my energy body. After every session, I always feel rejuvenated and much lighter, as the energies start to shift within my body. I liked the way the sessions are being structured as there is always a good balance between workouts and meditations. Most of the time, I get a very good stretch on my body and had also experienced clearings and healing on my spiritual body. – Claire, business owner