It Takes a village

As we head into fall, into the last quarter of the year, we are in the perfect moment to observe what has come through, and if your big questions yielded equally revealing answers. How have your belief systems and patterns served you the last eight months. How you are going to get to where you want to go, and if your old programing is sending erroneous directions to the GPS.

Time for an update perhaps?

I had an epiphany 10 days into a playful, child play-inspired meditation my bestie sent me from her recent Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Trust your best friend to be intimately acquainted with your warts and all, and the universe to send you exactly what you need.

It is no coincidence I began my work with children working on my inner child during a Teacher Training for Kundalini Yoga for Children. It was 10 days of deep dive into my psyche, excavating, unearthing, healing a lifetime of conditionings, habits and outmoded beliefs, so I may go on, baggage- and prejudice-free, to serve children who come to me. This is lifelong work so I can walk deeply conscious of and connected to my every cell and the intricacies and trickeries of my inner workings.

As I was laying new paths into territories I never once thought of, the stars aligned and another amazing teacher showed up at my door. Hello. Knock knock. Here you go! This is perfect for you, Somebody Up There whispered. Can you recognize Destiny when it is staring at you in your face? Three full days of conscious child play turned out to be a beautiful lesson in surrender.

In the middle of dreaming up upcoming children’s camps with my partner, an Inner Child Healing practitioner training literally landed on my lap. Life is a beautiful synchronicity when we are in the flow of a more trusting, heart-centered living.

Day 10 of my 40-day meditation practice, it became clear to me this is The Work. My work with children and the child in all of us. I may have a tendency to gravitate toward those with special needs, but in reality, so many of us harbor the wounded child that needs nourishing and tending to, so we can fearlessly live our lives in full color.

We have to, so to speak, regress to rework the framework of our lives. To let go of core beliefs that no longer support our new paradigm.

This is my vision. What is yours?

I am ready to help you clarify your next step forward, to help you get the perspective needed.  Change is intentional, and if you are so willing, I am here to help you begin the process. I like to believe you seek peace, love, joy and vitality like I do. We are not so different. I have this one life and I am going to show up for myself wholly, wholeheartedly, 300 percent. The Kundalini Yoga practice that has changed my life is yours for the taking.

I will share energetic tools and practices, tips and suggestions to help you create the support system as you release old structures, and own and stand firm in your own truth and power. I will turn your awareness inward, to the change you desire to see in yourself.

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