GOD and me are one

Ik sansaaree ik bandaaree ik laa-ay-deebaan.

I have been waking the last several mornings with these words in my head. They are a line from Japji Sahib, the Sikh holy text I recite daily as part of my sadhana.

The line – One, the Creator of the World; One, the Sustainer; and One, the Destroyer – translates to GOD.

In Kundalini Yoga, GOD refers to the energy that Generates, Organizes and Destroys or Delivers.

GOD was never so keenly felt until recently. I returned home from a series of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainings that had me digging into the depths and crevices of my heart and soul only to realize the esoteric work I thought I had going for me was a mere illusion.

I was as devastated by my own delusion as I was completely brought back to earth by the realizations that came forth.

As a dedicated yoga practitioner, I should be, in theory, a shining example of yoga, the union of mind, body and spirit. After all, I pour hours into the mat. I should be balanced and at peace, enjoy amazing relationships, and have glowing skin and aura that radiates 20 feet.

Yet I stumble and struggle like a human does.

There were low days when my Negative Mind loomed large. These few weeks were those days.

Seeking solace and clarity from my mat, I dove deeper into my Kundalini Yoga practice.

I emerged to fully grasp spirituality isn’t at all about transcendental experiences and prophetic divination.

Spirituality is how you navigate mindfully and compassionately with sentient beings who are unique yet not all that different from you.

Understanding through the lens of compassion is a far more loving and present way of living.

We are all a work in progress. Some days are better or worse than others. Debilitating emotions don’t get banished overnight. Some among us are trying our best to overcome sins or poisons. It is lifelong hard work. It is all part of being human. Who is 100 percent all the time?

Life is one big practice. Just like the physical asana practice. Every damn day.

I have walked so many circles this lifetime. Some roads converged and led to more detours. This path turned out to be the biggest circle I have walked.

Yoga it is. Living the yoga it shall be.

Tuning into guru dev, the teacher within, I have come home to this one Truth.

The Divine lives in my heart, not just up there.

Let God. Let flow. Happy International Day of Yoga!

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