Finding h[om]e

Satnam Dear Ones, I adore January. The air feels crisp, fresh and full of possibilities. Do you feel the same too?

We arrive at amazing pivotal times. New year, new decade, brand new era. A year of 4 (2+0+2+0) with six eclipses and all planets in retrograde, no less. There is a lot going on. Spectacular is going to be an understatement for 2020.

The universe is really calling us to peel further, love harder, trust deeper and surrender more to build the life we envision. It is calling us to go deep to find and redefine h[om]e. The energies are about tearing down walls, and outdated systems and structures. There is incredible cosmic support to deconstruct to construct, take baby steps toward a path aligned with what is true and heartfelt for us.

The year that just went by was a soul level spring cleaning. So much of what no longer served has been set aflame, slate wiped clean, recalibrated. How fortuitous we begin the decade with an emotional full moon lunar eclipse, a fiery last go at cleaning up remnants from the past and everything that has overstayed its welcome before we begin a new cycle.

Bless the endings and let the compost fertilize your best life in the years ahead.

Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop. – Rumi

What do you intend to create in the next 10 years and more?

Spending time in nature and living in alignment with her pulse and rhythm continue to shape me. The clarity and wisdom nature offers is astounding. I have been deeply blessed and healed by her medicine and want to offer the same to you. This is why I set my self-healing retreats in nature. They are a soulful and intimate dive into your inner wilderness. The invitation is open. Come with me will you?

Indeed the time has come to deepen my work with children. It is such a privilege to be able to lend my gifts to the special needs community.

Spending time with children reminds me of the inner child in us, the one who is naturally open, creative and oh so fearless. This child is the seed of who we are.

More and more, I am called to help you to align your inner and outer worlds, embody your true identity and find your h[om]e. I have created a one-to-one integrated program – with yoga, energy healing and inner child therapy – to help you fully step into the life that is longing to live through you.

H[om]e is where the inner child resides, with nary a mask or false identity. H[om]e is a place inside of you where you are free to be you. H[om]e is where you can turn your attention inward to nourish so you can flourish.

How do you walk yourself h[om]e? It is not a mere dance under the stars, swim with the dolphins or one-time therapy. The program I have crafted contains structure and support to guide you breath by breath, movement by movement, one inner child at a time, to the spacious room inside you. Together we will unlock the door to vitality and deep joy to pave the way to your best life. Now is the time. Write me here.

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