Develop Your Hidden Greatness


Doing sadhana doesn’t make challenges disappear, it helps us to clarify, refine, and build the strength of the nervous system to welcome the challenges and see them as supportive aids in our health, happiness and prosperity. – Simrit Kaur

Day 90 of Develop Your Hidden Greatness Kriya

These words from Simrit Kaur sum up why I practice. Why I wake every damn morning at ungodly, or rather Godly hour to move and sit on the mat. This is one meditation that saw me through so much change.

Disillusions, rage, heartbreaks, illnesses, all the negativity life had to throw at me and one hell of an eclipse and retrogade season.

This is one meditation that saw me through breakthroughs, recalibrated my stories, and gifted me so much faith, insights and tenacity in the face of a sense of calamity.

The T mudra cutting through blocks. The Saturn finger imparting patience. The breath, long, deep and clarifying. The mantra fortifying like no other.

I practice every damn day not to be superhuman. Surrendering is a process. Letting go is a practice. Deep listening is a subtle art.

I practice to be more human, more humane. I practice to see the light in the cracks. Rain or shine, through sickness and health. Because life is just too darn hard if I don’t.

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