Dance like no one is watching

Having danced and flirted with spirituality pretty much of my adult life and finally fully stepping into it five years ago, this year probably goes down as one where I integrate all my knowing and knowhow. The seeds I planted and garden I dedicatedly tended to blossomed. From teaching soulful yoga classes and leading women’s circles to bringing my multidimensional healing approach to special children and being in a space that offers insights and answers to a broken education system that consequently create disconnected adults. 

If I could sum up 2021 with images, it would be a teacher training that wrapped up an illuminating year of deepening into The Work I am called to do. This is how I live my one precious life and this is how I believe we can raise conscious children.

This is the year I fully grasp we are spiritual beings living out a human experience.

In this training, we were asked to pick an object from a nearby park. We were to share a short story with our findings from nature. I returned to classroom with a lone flower from under a majestic tree. She was radiant in her shapely red petals, not unlike a joyful dancer wearing a wide-brimmed hat and alluring dress. This is her [life] story:

Far far away, long long ago, there lived a little good girl. She did what she was told. She lived up to other people’s expectations. One day, a wise woman asked her, what would you do if you only had a day to live? Indeed, what would she do? She put on her favorite hat and crimson dress that billowed beautifully in the wind. Outfits she saved for special occasions. In the woods where she felt most at home in, she danced like no one was watching. She sang like she did not care how she sounded. She was free to be who she wanted to be.

What would you do if you only had a day to live? This is a powerful question that clarifies, and may I add, horrifies. 

In the new year, may we birth a life that is longing to live through us. May we show up every darned day with honesty and authenticity. May we embrace every part of us wholeheartedly. This is the best gift we can give ourselves.