Core strength

Day 40 of White Hole Mudra Meditation.

Kundalini Yoga is called the Yoga of Angles and Triangles. The angles of the hand gestures, or mudras, are very specific. We concentrate prana with shapes and angles. Every angle we hold in the body has a corresponding energetic effect because the muscles are putting pressure on specific body parts.

The mudra for this meditation is held for 22 minutes. How do you hold up your arms for an extended time when every cell is pleading for mercy. Where do you draw strength from so you can sit your ground when life gets wild and complicated.

The practice is no different on and off the mat.

The strength comes from the core. The core of your being. Neither sheer brute strength nor mental prowess will see you through intense times, or an intense meditation. The stability and steadiness of your core, the seat of your lower chakras, will root you as you find fire and corresponding courage to see yourself through change, chaos and the fear of trusting your own heart and wisdom.

The core of your energetic being will center you when you are drowning in grief and wrecked by shame because you are unable to be positive enough, strong enough or let go fast enough.

Yoga, on and off the mat, is a daily practice. Some days are plain arduous and dark. Perseverance is hollow and too fragile when held by tenets of the mind.

It is far easier on the shoulders when the weight is borne from your heart and soul, your core strength.