It Takes a village

As we head into fall, into the last quarter of the year, we are in the perfect moment to observe what has come through, and if your big questions yielded equally revealing answers. How have your belief systems and patterns served you the last eight months. How you are going to get to where you want to go, and if your old programing is sending erroneous directions to the GPS.

Time for an update perhaps?

I had an epiphany 10 days into a playful, child play-inspired meditation my bestie sent me from her recent Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Trust your best friend to be intimately acquainted with your warts and all, and the universe to send you exactly what you need.

It is no coincidence I began my work with children working on my inner child during a Teacher Training for Kundalini Yoga for Children. It was 10 days of deep dive into my psyche, excavating, unearthing, healing a lifetime of conditionings, habits and outmoded beliefs, so I may go on, baggage- and prejudice-free, to serve children who come to me. This is lifelong work so I can walk deeply conscious of and connected to my every cell and the intricacies and trickeries of my inner workings.

As I was laying new paths into territories I never once thought of, the stars aligned and another amazing teacher showed up at my door. Hello. Knock knock. Here you go! This is perfect for you, Somebody Up There whispered. Can you recognize Destiny when it is staring at you in your face? Three full days of conscious child play turned out to be a beautiful lesson in surrender.

In the middle of dreaming up upcoming children’s camps with my partner, an Inner Child Healing practitioner training literally landed on my lap. Life is a beautiful synchronicity when we are in the flow of a more trusting, heart-centered living.

Day 10 of my 40-day meditation practice, it became clear to me this is The Work. My work with children and the child in all of us. I may have a tendency to gravitate toward those with special needs, but in reality, so many of us harbor the wounded child that needs nourishing and tending to, so we can fearlessly live our lives in full color.

We have to, so to speak, regress to rework the framework of our lives. To let go of core beliefs that no longer support our new paradigm.

This is my vision. What is yours?

I am ready to help you clarify your next step forward, to help you get the perspective needed.  Change is intentional, and if you are so willing, I am here to help you begin the process. I like to believe you seek peace, love, joy and vitality like I do. We are not so different. I have this one life and I am going to show up for myself wholly, wholeheartedly, 300 percent. The Kundalini Yoga practice that has changed my life is yours for the taking.

I will share energetic tools and practices, tips and suggestions to help you create the support system as you release old structures, and own and stand firm in your own truth and power. I will turn your awareness inward, to the change you desire to see in yourself.

Connect with me for private Kundalini Yoga class here.

Perfect play

“To be 100 percent with children is to be 100 percent with yourself. It is strengthening yourself, cleansing and healing yourself, discovering who you are, how you can relax, what irritates you, what are your needs. It is about knowing yourself deeply. Knowing, feeling and accepting your feelings, and doing what is right for you.” – Sat Sarbat

It was a huge moment when I met the children at the orphanage and rolled all that I learned from my teachers into one energetic yoga class that left the young ones asking for more and my heart overflowing with gratitude.

Gathering my thoughts much later, one thing struck me: English was largely a foreign language in this non-touristy part of the city, our shared language of humanity was a common thread that bound us all. Our collective big open hearts transcended man-imposed limitations. So did music and movement.

There was also for me a lesson in perfectionism. This is admittedly my work, in progress. So what the circle I wanted the little bodies to form turned out to be a crooked oval. So what the human train I was trying to shape hilariously crashed into a pile of wreck. So what well-meaning bystanders misjudged the momentary pandemonium as disobedience and failing on my part as a teacher and rushed to rein in the children. So. What.

We had a good laugh. Nobody was harmed in the process. The judgment, well, it probably came from my mind. It was a moment of stepping back to see who was the judge.

I taught the most liberating class in the world that afternoon in Kathmandu. There was neither kriya nor timer, the tools of a Kundalini Yoga teacher. All I had was a sensory system that was fully engaged, and the me I was cultivating, refining, rewiring. It was a spectacular moment because I saw the parts of me that I was working on manifesting in class.

There was flexibility with boundaries in place. There were challenges and a whole lot of positivity. I was able to be simultaneously creative and may I say, pleasantly pedantic.

This to me is the purpose of yoga. It is a practice and a lifestyle. We know how you move on the mat is how you move off the mat. How about embodying how you play is how you live.

Yoga with children at the orphanage is part of Self-Healing Journeys, a Reiki and Kundalini Yoga retreat in Nepal. The six-day retreat with a Level 1 certification in Reiki healing and daily Kundalini Yoga and meditation classes has everything I stand for, from upcycled yoga rugs handwoven by disadvantaged Nepalese women to accommodation at a mountaintop lodge practicing sustainable agriculture.

A million dreams

‘Cause every night I lie in bed
The brightest colors fill my head
A million dreams are keeping me awake
I think of what the world could be
A vision of the one I see
A million dreams is all it’s gonna take
A million dreams for the world we’re gonna make

I was in a taxi when this song came on. I listened and keenly felt its lyrical and profound simplicity. The Self-Healing Journeys I am shaping are turning out to be the way I envision them to be. Or rather we envision them to be.

My wonderful partner, an elementary school English and music teacher, has been gifting music classes to orphans whenever she is in the ancient city of Kathmandu. I found myself saying to her, well, let’s add yoga with the children at the orphanage to our program. It is the most natural thing to do.

Call it divine alignment. Giving back is close to my heart. Most of my adult life, I have been a dedicated volunteer with various Non-Governmental Organizations, working mostly with disadvantaged women and the physically challenged. I believe in the goodness of the world. I believe we can touch one another’s heart and soul, support one another, and heal ourselves and the planet.

When I was called to pick up a Teacher Training in yoga, the first thing that came to my mind was children’s yoga. The spontaneity must have come from something so deep in me that knew. Who knew? I ended up with two certifications in Kundalini Yoga for children. Those training days were among the most catalyzing moments.

Trust life to send you exactly what’s needed for your growth and expansion. Always at the perfect time. Rarely the manner you imagined them to be.

Part of the journey is to recognize and trust guidance.

In light of this, our Retreats now include an evening of joyful yoga with children at orphanages we work closely with. Yoga with children is 90 percent play with fearless young ones and 200 percent inner-child fun for weary adults who can learn to let go of control and certainly shed a mask or two.

Time with the children is of course optional, but it will be so lovely to have you join us.

To add to this sweet synchronicity, my partner and I are on the same page as far as conscious living is concerned. Our cotton-hemp yoga mats and carriers are consciously sourced and locally made. The income goes directly to artisans who need them most.

Those who are aware of my past life as a social entrepreneur know I was working with disadvantaged communities in Cambodia and Laos, peddling sustainably made and Fairly Traded handicrafts and artisanal produce.

This turn of events is part beautiful unfolding, part life bringing me to back to where my heart is. True alignment happens when you are real and honest with your heart. One of the greatest gifts Kundalini Yoga is the embodiment of Truth. Sat means true, nam means you. Self-Healing Journeys is the product of listening to and manifesting what is authentic to me at soul level. Our Retreats are about empowering you with real life tools to self-heal, and about humanity and our interconnectivity.

Now a million dreams for the world we’re gonna make.

It is time to begin weaving yours.

Begin with us. Our Retreat dates for Self-Healing Journeys in Kathmandu and Pokhara through 2019 are available here.

Retreat with me

Time surely has wings. A quarter of the year flew by. How has it been for you?

We’re right smack in the middle of the energy of expansion and growth, into what is most authentic at our soul level. This year has been nothing short of spectacular for me. It has been a profound time of healing and seismic shifts in the last weeks. It seems the answers I sought are finally visible in the cracks where light comes in.

It felt like all the tools I have been fervently polishing are sparkling. I now find myself returning to my center quicker as I sharpen my self-observation skills. I catch myself before I trip and fall into a downward spiral. I drop it.

The kind of “dropping it” I am talking about brings a sense of liberation. In this space, there is no struggle, no drama, just incredible peace.

The practice of just-dropping-it is simple yet so profound.

Letting go is a constant practice. Letting go is also a conscious moment of observing and rewiring habits and thought forms so change is sustainable.

Here’s what works for me and I want to share the practice I lean on.

For five days, I am going to show you life tools you can take home with you. I have put together a retreat to empower you with medicine you can have, for keeps, for the rest of your life. It is not just a feel-good, skim-the-surface vacation that leaves you wanting for the next holiday.

You will learn how to heal yourself with Reiki energy, breathe into your every cell and move every fiber of your being with simple and powerful exercises designed to fit into your busy lifestyle. All these amid the jaw-dropping landscape of the Himalayas.

This clarity and connection will always be accessible to you. You will return to real messy world with an arsenal of tools to live a deep and satisfying life.

Begin with me here.

April showers bring May flowers

Conscious humans must now take uncomfortable actions and become comfortable in the discomfort. – Guru Singh

The healing process of Reiki is likened to peeling an onion. Reiki energy unravels deeply rooted issues, bringing to light what needs to be released and healed. How deep Reiki energy works depends on the change you allow.

Many of us sleep-walk through lives. We mistake constant busyness for living. We fret excessively over our children, drink more wine after a long day at work, perhaps adopt a cat or two, embark on longer and longer jogs for an endorphin rush that’s a poor filler for emptiness. All this time, a discontent simmering in the cauldron, waiting for a trigger to bubble over.

We cannot help it we say. Hanging onto familiar and deeply entrenched habits is as safe as putting one foot after another. Our attachments are so comfortable they keep us stuck.

We put up with a lot because we expect life to be neat and tidy. We expect permanence.

We talk ourselves out of things our hearts want to say “Hell, Yes!” to. We become physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted from living on an autopilot mode. We pay good money to doctors, seeking one cure after another for malaise that refuses to be known and named because our stories are repressed deep in the recesses of our onion.  

The truth is, everything is impermanent. Life is messy and cannot be contained in a nicely wrapped parcel.

The other truth is, no amount of cold-pressed green juice or external therapy is going to heal you. Even if good heaven shines its light on you and you are fortuitous enough to find the best living doctor on this planet, it is still you doing the healing.

Yes, you. You are going to save you.

That perennial stiff neck, debilitating insomnia and chronic inflammation merely reflect the relationship you have with yourself. What layers are you willing to let go to get to the core of your being that knows exactly how to connect to your will? Where do you find the courage and strength to stand up for the things and experiences you want to have? How much of the onion skin would you allow yourself to shed?

The choice is yours, Dear One, to stay with what’s familiar and limiting, or weave a new story that’s different from tired ones you’re used to.

How do you fancy we begin peeling the onion and creating a new chapter together, one with more feeling and sensitivity? This is a weeklong self-healing retreat in the mountains this beautiful spring.

You can learn to heal yourself. You can learn to begin a practice that will nourish you from the inside. You can concoct your own sustainable medicine.

You will learn how to Reiki yourself. You will breathe into clarity. You will move your body in such a manner prana will flow like it never did. We will take long walks in the woods in between. You will return home with real life tools to navigate complex and beautiful life, and the Home that’s your heart knowing nothing can steal your life away from you.

We will begin together, amid the rugged beauty of the Himalayas.

Detail to come soon. If you are called, connect with me personally at