One day or day one

The wishes of the soul are springing,
The deeds of the will are thriving,
The fruits of the life are maturing.
I feel my destiny,
My destiny finds me.
I feel my goals in life,
My goals in life are finding me.
My soul and the great World are one.
Life grows more radiant about me,
Life grows more arduous for me,
Life grows more abundant within me.
~ Rudolf Steiner

Hello World. It has been more than two years since I wrote here. I was away from this world wide web, deepening, quieting and tending to myself as life threw a deep curveball in my way.

In the years that flew by, I discovered I could hold both grief and joy, bitter and sweet, disappointment and delight. I could simultaneously traverse losses and gains, trials and triumphs, exertion and relaxation. With understanding and practice, I can choose to rest peacefully in duality. Because life is neither black nor white. It is a whole lot of gray. 

My go-to medicine are deep breaths, yoga, music, and stillness.

I discovered the art of deep rest so I can stay fully awake. I learned to play a musical instrument as I endeavor to fine-tune my inner instrument. I root deeper to rise higher.

I am held. We are held. Beyond measure. Beyond time and space. So much has changed, yet many things appear to remain the same. There is beauty in impermanence. Thank God for impermanence!

Going through an international certification in Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education is aligned with the life I choose: Conscious, impactful, soulful. My work with little children in a Waldorf school artfully and beautifully integrates all my tools and practices, gifts and talents. I feel completely in my element. Who and how I am on the yoga mat and in the classroom is coherent with who and how I am off the yoga mat and outside the classroom.

Life is strange and ironic. I did not plan. Or rather I could not plan. Faith is trusting Creator has a plan and we can only surrender. If change is the only constant, how can we invite more ease and peace into the process? Resilience is a practice, just like everything is a practice. How you do anything is how you do everything. How you move on the yoga mat will show you how you move off the yoga mat.

In the grand scheme of things, we are a mere speck of stardust in the cosmos. Yet every star aspires to radiate its brightest light. Isn’t it its right to shine? The questions are: How we are committing to living a life of consciousness. How we are showing up. How we can raise our frequency to match the vibration of the work Creator wants us to do.

We live in potent times. How fortuitous we are alive in this new Golden Age. How do we cultivate courage, strength and resilience to fulfill our destiny in the best possible ways? This practice begins in the early years.  You know what? I don’t have any magic to gift. I hold the children – and everyone – in a way they discover their own magic. You own your magic. The power is all yours.

If you are open to it, I like to work with you, one on one, to live your most radiant life. Together we deep dive with my tools and practices as a therapist of Inner Child Integration, yoga and energy medicine. This is a heartfelt invitation. Planet Earth is a much better place when we connect and thrive. Please reach out here.

Every moment is an opportunity to begin again, to exhale the old and inhale the new. Is this moment today, or will it begin one day?


Dance like no one is watching

Having danced and flirted with spirituality pretty much of my adult life and finally fully stepping into it five years ago, this year probably goes down as one where I integrate all my knowing and knowhow. The seeds I planted and garden I dedicatedly tended to blossomed. From teaching soulful yoga classes and leading women’s circles to bringing my multidimensional healing approach to special children and being in a space that offers insights and answers to a broken education system that consequently create disconnected adults. 

If I could sum up 2021 with images, it would be a teacher training that wrapped up an illuminating year of deepening into The Work I am called to do. This is how I live my one precious life and this is how I believe we can raise conscious children.

This is the year I fully grasp we are spiritual beings living out a human experience.

In this training, we were asked to pick an object from a nearby park. We were to share a short story with our findings from nature. I returned to classroom with a lone flower from under a majestic tree. She was radiant in her shapely red petals, not unlike a joyful dancer wearing a wide-brimmed hat and alluring dress. This is her [life] story:

Far far away, long long ago, there lived a little good girl. She did what she was told. She lived up to other people’s expectations. One day, a wise woman asked her, what would you do if you only had a day to live? Indeed, what would she do? She put on her favorite hat and crimson dress that billowed beautifully in the wind. Outfits she saved for special occasions. In the woods where she felt most at home in, she danced like no one was watching. She sang like she did not care how she sounded. She was free to be who she wanted to be.

What would you do if you only had a day to live? This is a powerful question that clarifies, and may I add, horrifies. 

In the new year, may we birth a life that is longing to live through us. May we show up every darned day with honesty and authenticity. May we embrace every part of us wholeheartedly. This is the best gift we can give ourselves. 


A new dawn


Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.


In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of chance

My head is bloody but unbowed.


Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but the Horror of the shade,

And yet the menace of the years

Finds and shall find me unafraid.


It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll,

I am the master of my fate,

I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley


I caught my first light of the day in many years. It was a cloudy morning with the spectacular aura of the sun casting an otherworldly glow on quiet waters. I watched the waves lapping onto shore, so gently and softly, with nary a care for the whirlwind of ominous news outside. It is a poignant moment to be alive. Never have I felt so much gratitude for good health, mine and those around me. We are navigating turbulent dark times before the dawn of the New Golden Age. Have you noticed? Light shines brightest where it is darkest. 

As birthday season rolls my way, I am tending to ask big, open questions about turning my vision of my best life into one inspired real life I want to rise to every morning; about staying on this soulful path with vigor and lightness of the heart with every breath I take. The sun in the boundless sky spoke with her incredible aura that early morning. Planet earth needs our light more than ever. Every one of us is a lamp holder. 

It was my first sunrise out of doors in many years only because the early morns’ are sacred bhakti time. I light an incense at the altar, say my prayers, then sit in silence, in a still-dark room lit by the soft light of a selenite lamp. The ambrosial hour is the time I devote myself to a practice that has seen me through storms, heartaches and back to my center. The yogic lifestyle I chose now holds me steady as I root deeper into my work with little children in a school that has all that I ask and stand for. Who knew one day I can integrate all my practices and tools, gifts and talents in a manner I never imagined. 

Every morning, I rise purposefully to show up for myself and the children at a space that understands and embraces spirituality like how I live my multidimensional and multifaceted life. Every day, I harness my practices and tools, and my gift of spiritual sight. I deepen my understanding of fate and destiny, karma and dharma as I live out my own and hold up high the lamp for sentient beings of our future. Our souls have chosen one another, to walk together, into a new dawn. 

The thing is, like many people, I did not know what was going to happen. Or what life will throw at me next. The truth is, I need tools and support like you do. As recent as last year, I was knocking on doors that shut on me. His Holiness the Dalai Lama famously said not getting what you want is sometimes a very good thing. Who knew the planets conspired to walk me through a serpentine path to the perfect door that is for my highest evolution. I have realized, more than ever, what comes is always right and perfect for me. I was unprepared yet fully prepared for this work. 

Somewhere in this vast wide world, there is a school for young minds that tends to the body, mind, heart and spirit with ancient teachings and wisdom that I am no stranger to. At where I teach, education is the training ground to living a fulfilled life led by a heart-brain. It is the heart-brain, where faith and trust are located, that allows the transformation of impossible relationships into heartfelt ones. The ego is always fearful, the heart only knows love. The last nine months shadowing a special child and witnessing her grounding into her physical body has lent many precious insights.

Special children and the different – LGBTQ – incarnate to teach the world inclusion and oneness. More than anything, they teach us what it takes to be human. The soul is genderless, colorless and beyond polar differences. There is no separation at a soul level. The perfect version of us already exists beyond the limitations of the physical body. It is the heart, the bridge between body and spirit that can bring compassionate consciousness to create harmony. The higher dimension heart-brain is far more superior than the logical head-brain. The higher our existence, the more we should be led by the heart-brain.

The heart is where magic happens. 

The other thing is, we have to consciously choose our choices and walk through it, sometimes with gritted teeth. Bidding farewell to a way of life or habits that keep us stuck can be intimidating and nerve-wrecking. It can be scary as hell to be deeply honest with ourselves. It is too easy to turn back, numb out, dumb down and return to old ways of being because comfort zone is, well, familiar, comfortable and ultimately debilitating. It is not at all easy to tear down false walls and strip down masks that have a knack of adhering like a second skin. Change is the darnedest thing. For some, even taking a different route to work is unthinkable. Do you feel the whole world is against you when you are, for the first time, heeding the call of your soul and mustered enough courage to show up like you never did before.

Dear ones, standing up for your beliefs may feel like the loneliest thing you have ever done. It feels downright awkward and inconvenient, and you may suspect you have gotten it all wrong. What price then is the easy way out? 

In ancient times, our nervous system was built to protect us from predators in a treacherous jungle. Fast forward hundreds of years later, living our most authentic selves in an urban jungle may be wrought with all manner of risks. Fighting with and fleeing from our fears and truth wreaks roller-coaster havoc on all the systems that run the body temple. 

You see, the strength of the nervous system goes far beyond the tricky manipulations of the head-brain. Great courage and great strength lie in the realm of the nervous system. It takes more than sheer brute strength to defy the expectations of others. Science has shown us by improving the vagal tone, we can find greater ease in leveling up and standing up for this one unique you. The good news is, we can cultivate these qualities on the yoga mat. And we have to consciously choose to live the yoga – union of the mind, body and spirit – off the mat. 

It is all in our hands. This one holy life that is wholly ours is in our hands. We are the master of our joy. In the end, it is really only just between us and God. 

You have to do differently if you want to live differently. I am right here to support you with a one-to-one program that builds the foundation to navigate the change you long to live. Ask me about the program that integrates breath and movement, energy healing and coaching at  More information on the work I do and am so in love with is available here.

I am so thrilled to be able to offer one-to-one movement, on top of energy medicine, for the special child. Send me an email to enquire about my compassionately conscious multidimensional approach to working with special children.


Calling of the heart


Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths. – Rumi

Beloved hearts,

How is it going in your part of the world? 

I have been back in the studio, teaching “live” at a lovely riverside space. After teaching Yoga for Nervous System virtually for a year, I have almost forgotten how wonderful it is to connect in person. You know what, the mandatory face mask and social distancing do not separate us. We are connected like the web of life that binds us all. I love what Edward Lorenz so poetically wrote, a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazonian jungle and a storm subsequently brews in northern Europe.

More than 18 months on, there are ever-changing dos and don’ts, and restrictions are abound around the ups and downs of a viral outbreak that is still wreaking havoc globally. Covid is the reason we consciously and conscientiously live our best lives simply because there is so much life has to offer.

The recent passing of a prominent figure in the Kundalini Yoga community has gotten me contemplating the close shave with death a few people near and dear to me had in the last year. What and who have I lived for? Are there longings and regrets I want to tend to? What are my last thoughts and words when I exhale for the final time? There are big questions with little immediate answers. The immensity of life simply demands an introspection just as proportionately profound.

When Grim Reaper is a hair’s breadth away, there is an urgency to spend more time doing things that truly matter, with people I want to walk to the end of the world with. 

Choosing heart-centered living means I show up for Me with a capital M, even if it sometimes means going against the expectations of others and societal conditioning. Allowing the heart-brain to lead is an extraordinary path of fulfiling the highest destiny in this finite human experience. We are gifted tools to navigate happiness and grief, love and loss, certainties and unknowns, synchronicities and inconveniences. There are sunshiney days filled with rainbows and unicorns, and stormy moments of fire and hailstones. 

You know what I am coming to. Yoga is the answer. I write this as a seeker who sought the answers to equanimity pretty much all of my life. Yoga works. The ancient teachings of yoga makes even more sense in the current tumultuous world. The way I like to practice and teach yoga is how I live my life, cultivating a sensitivity of the sensory system so we are in touch with what it is to be living optimally physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

On my mat – and may I add in the school where I teach little children – there is freedom to make mistakes. In fact mistakes are very welcome. I like to invite the courage of curiosity. I welcome unknown answers in unknown realms. This is how we open the higher centers of intuition, by welcoming curiosity and fearlessness.

On my mat, we exhale, inhale, let go, let in. With every breath, we surrender more and more, trusting we are safe and lovingly held so we can journey deeper. With every breath, we breathe purposefully, listening in to the goings-on on the [yoga] mat, to the beatings of our little hearts. The heart that knows it all. We allow the unraveling and becoming in the quiet. We turn inside, connecting, integrating, aligning, one breath at a time. 

This is how I intentionally rise every day. This is how I live light and be the light. There are no shortcuts living a life I want to call whole and holy. 

How are you living the fiery heart of the bold and courageous lion this Leo season? How are you harnessing the fullness of this one precious life? What do you want to birth on this expansive 8/8 day so you can live your most potent life?

May this New Moon in Leo ignite your mojo and passion to live the life you always dreamt of. May the surge of light waves from our spiritual sun inspire you with courage and strength to follow the calling of your heart. May you know you are safe and protected as you pursue your highest existence, led by the brain in your heart. Sending you lots of big-hearted sparkly love. Roar!

Join me for in-person Yin + Crystals by Candlelight and Himalayan Sound Bath at The Wise Life Co. I am taking a pause from teaching Yoga for Nervous System virtually as I return to the little children in school at the end of summer break. It is all about carving out an even wider berth of breathing space to tend to Me. Spots for private classes and healing sessions are limited and by appointment.

Own your magic carpet


What is yoga?

A 4-year-old explains…

“OK, so yoga is just… you breathe in and out like this, then you start doing slow karate.”

My yoga journey returned me to my memory of a young lady fresh out of school with disposable income to explore the vast wide world of spirituality. Books, workshops and yes, yoga. I did not get yoga. In fact, I did not like yoga at all. It was too slow, too long, too painful. The promise that wisdom and all of life’s answers can be found working-in, on the mat, was impossibly nuanced for a goal-getter who relished the adrenaline rush of a sprint uphill. More than 20 years ago, a walk in the jungle was a work-out counting the steps and beating a previous record. 

Unsurprisingly it was the intensity of Ashtanga yoga that later reconnected me with the mat. The practice that took my breath away opened the world of svadhyahya, or self-study. Long story short, in the fervent search for The Teacher who did not exist, I left the practice that broke a shoulder and found much more. I have shown up dedicatedly on the yoga mat for 10 years now. Every morning I rise and sit on my magic carpet. I connect up and tune in. I pray, chant, move my body and sit in silence. Swathes of silence so I hear all that is going on inside, in my blood, veins and bones, and the incredible chatter in my head. 

Have you heard this noise in your head? It is deafening in the quiet of the ambrosial hour. My magic carpet is a great illuminator. I create space in my body every darned day so I have room to step many steps back and breathe when the external world is fiery. 

You see, it took a loooong time before I arrived in this space of a soft, quiet life. The more I pour myself into the physical practice of yoga, the more I appreciate its subtleties. Yin yoga is more than an antidote to our masculine, task-oriented lifestyle, or prescription for “issues in the tissues”, so succinctly put by Bernie Clark. As a teacher and energy medicine practitioner who is passionate about self-empowerment and self-healing, the slow practice that eluded my youthful insolent self now returns as the perfect meditation tool to tune into the intricacies [Y]inside. 

Yin yoga is the art of deep listening. How we navigate the sensations on the mat is how we listen to the stories inside that are longing to be heard. We want to cultivate this sensitivity on the mat so we can bring this refined awareness off the mat, into our lives. 

You know what? I am not concerned with you touching your toes or attaining the perfect symmetry. I wish to know if you, blessed with this beautifully complex gift of a human body, can touch your core to find your way h[om]e, to your unique you. 

Come join my new in-person classes at The Wise Life Co., to live a little lighter, a little more tenderly. Come own your magic:

Yin & Crystals by Candlelight

Tuesday, 7 – 8:15pm

Come join this 75-minute class where I will take you through the art of deep listening with nourishing long-held Yin poses paired with crystals. Does it sound magical? It is. The crystals speak to me and my hands are guided to place them on and around your body. It is all intuitive and curative. I want you to know my classes are never about nailing the perfect asana. I like that they are rooted in self-empowerment, with self-inquiry and self-understanding paving the way for courageous, heart-centered living. The way I like to practice Yin is gently, contemplatively, centered in the practice of surrendering with grace to find our way h[om]e. In a cozy, candlelit space supported by the vibrations of crystals, I will guide you to navigate sensations on the mat to listen in. Do know this relaxing secular practice is accessible to all levels of practitioners.


Saturday 5:30 – 6:30pm

I am also teaching self-healing techniques with the beautiful and gentle energy of Reiki. With Reiki, everyone can have the gift of healing hands. Did you know? Reiki, the most mainstream energy medicine today is a safe and simple way to self-heal. This universal energy is known to promote post-surgery recovery, induce a deep sense of calm and balance, and relieve conditions ranging from insomnia and anxiety to eczema and muscle tension. With consistent practice, Reiki heals beyond the physical and brings balance and harmony to every aspect of life. Reiki is the perfect foundation to deeper energy work. 

In this guided class, I am going to show you how to connect and awaken the body’s innate ability to balance and restore itself with the energy of Reiki. This hands-on practical session empowers you to self-heal with your hands and leaves you relaxed and recharged. This gentle and soothing session is suitable for all ages. 

I am right here waiting for you. All you have to do is to register here.

Yoga for Nervous System still happens online every Saturday morning. Personal Reiki workshops, Inner Child therapy, Akash and Angel meditations, and energy healing with Light beings and Tibetan singing bowls are by appointment.