It’s not about discipline

Doing sadhana doesn’t make challenges disappear, it helps us to clarify, refine, and build the strength of the nervous system to welcome the challenges and see them as supportive aids in our heath, happiness and prosperity. – Simrit Kaur

I am just a week away from Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Truth be told, I never dreamt of investing this deeply in a practice that has completely transformed a world that went from nailing that perfect alignment on the mat to a sense of oneness with the universe.

When I rediscovered yoga six years ago, my dedicated daily practice on the mat brought me to places I didn’t envision: I took the plunge and became a social entrepreneur, never mind as a travel and wellness writer, I only knew how to wield a pen.

It was a lifelong dream to empower less privileged communities in the region I live in.

Then a business trip to Cambodia more than changed my life.

After my first Kundalini yoga class, something shifted in me. My depleted soul, beaten by running the business singlehandedly, felt simultaneously empowered and nourished.

I returned to Singapore, found my tribe and began planting seeds for soulful living.

Before the rest of the family wakes and demands my attention, I make time for me.

At that hour, my soft chants illuminate a space permeated by piercing silence and a still-dark sky.

At that hour, my sub-conscious surfaces so I can observe them.

At that hour, my practice travels deeper.

My daily time on the mat is non-negotiable.

I fill myself up so my cup is brimming with life. Then I am ready to give and gift.

How do I bring myself to the mat every damn day? I get this question a lot.

A glass of wine or a body massage is only skin deep. When retail therapy is done and buyer’s remorse sets in, it is back to the same emptiness that comes and goes like the wretched restless wind.

When I take time to love and worship my mind, body and spirit that’s really a temple, it reciprocates abundantly with a joy that does not fizzle out like a champagne gone flat. Strength and faith are borne out of clarity.

Living with my eyes and heart wide open allow me to ride the crest and trough of life fully present.

It’s not about discipline.

It’s about owning your journey.

It’s about being radiantly alive.