April showers bring May flowers

Conscious humans must now take uncomfortable actions and become comfortable in the discomfort. – Guru Singh

The healing process of Reiki is likened to peeling an onion. Reiki energy unravels deeply rooted issues, bringing to light what needs to be released and healed. How deep Reiki energy works depends on the change you allow.

Many of us sleep-walk through lives. We mistake constant busyness for living. We fret excessively over our children, drink more wine after a long day at work, perhaps adopt a cat or two, embark on longer and longer jogs for an endorphin rush that’s a poor filler for emptiness. All this time, a discontent simmering in the cauldron, waiting for a trigger to bubble over.

We cannot help it we say. Hanging onto familiar and deeply entrenched habits is as safe as putting one foot after another. Our attachments are so comfortable they keep us stuck.

We put up with a lot because we expect life to be neat and tidy. We expect permanence.

We talk ourselves out of things our hearts want to say “Hell, Yes!” to. We become physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted from living on an autopilot mode. We pay good money to doctors, seeking one cure after another for malaise that refuses to be known and named because our stories are repressed deep in the recesses of our onion.  

The truth is, everything is impermanent. Life is messy and cannot be contained in a nicely wrapped parcel.

The other truth is, no amount of cold-pressed green juice or external therapy is going to heal you. Even if good heaven shines its light on you and you are fortuitous enough to find the best living doctor on this planet, it is still you doing the healing.

Yes, you. You are going to save you.

That perennial stiff neck, debilitating insomnia and chronic inflammation merely reflect the relationship you have with yourself. What layers are you willing to let go to get to the core of your being that knows exactly how to connect to your will? Where do you find the courage and strength to stand up for the things and experiences you want to have? How much of the onion skin would you allow yourself to shed?

The choice is yours, Dear One, to stay with what’s familiar and limiting, or weave a new story that’s different from tired ones you’re used to.

How do you fancy we begin peeling the onion and creating a new chapter together, one with more feeling and sensitivity? This is a weeklong self-healing retreat in the mountains this beautiful spring.

You can learn to heal yourself. You can learn to begin a practice that will nourish you from the inside. You can concoct your own sustainable medicine.

You will learn how to Reiki yourself. You will breathe into clarity. You will move your body in such a manner prana will flow like it never did. We will take long walks in the woods in between. You will return home with real life tools to navigate complex and beautiful life, and the Home that’s your heart knowing nothing can steal your life away from you.

We will begin together, amid the rugged beauty of the Himalayas.

Detail to come soon. If you are called, connect with me personally at connect@globeskimmer.com

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