A lifelong seeker, I always had a connection to spirituality. I grew up with my head immersed in books, relentlessly seeking in printed tomes answers to my existence and the seemingly improbable state of equanimity. Growing up with a Tibetan Buddhist monk father and a mother with extra-sensory abilities, I was exposed to a hippy and esoteric way of life as a child. My longtime career as a travel and wellness writer brought me to places and connected me to experiences that would one day shape the work I will be called to do.

The answers I so indefatigably sought were found during my time as a globetrotting scribe for international magazines. I was nourished by all manner of wellness rituals, had magical moments at sacred places and gained profound clarity from time spent in pristine nature.

My long-held desire to heal and serve others led me to community work, and much later, start a retail business to champion sustainability and our interconnectivity, and empower less privileged communities in the region I live in and so love.

The business turned out to be a full circle I had to journey.

The deeper my practice on the [yoga] mat, the more I see fulfilment goes beyond external gratification. Yoga gifted me real tools to navigate life off the mat. Conscious commerce had to make way for full-on conscious living.

The work I now do is a long time coming. As a dedicated yoga practitioner, I appreciate that yoga is an all-encompassing self-healing tool that will open the door to a life of lightness of being. My self-inquiry approach to Yoga so perfectly complements the energy medicine I practice. We are after all energetic beings blessed with a temple of the physical body to manifest our life purpose.

Today I am fully embracing my numerologically derived spiritual name Sita Pavan. Sita is the divine shakti, or soul power, who embodies grace, calm and fearlessness under pressure. Pavan is breath, the vehicle of life force, prana. Sita Pavan translates to,

The life-giving Universal Mother who gracefully and courageously emanates pure life force.

Sita Pavan perfectly expresses my inborn catalytic energy. The old me with the name I gave myself since I was a teenager no longer sat comfortably with me. I let her go so I can be free to blossom into destiny’s calling.

As for Globe Skimmer, it is a dragonfly specie. I have adopted the spirit of this ephemeral winged one that symbolizes change and impermanence, and one that is simultaneously graceful and all-powerful.