Heaven on earth

Into our inner being

The riches of the senses pour.

The Cosmic Spirit finds itself

Reflected in the human eye,

Which ever must renew its strength

From out that spirit source.

– Rudolf Steiner

In the school where I teach, we spend time in nature every morning with the children, barefoot on earth, playing and weaving nature’s bounty into floral arrangements for the kitchen table where we draw, paint, sew, cook, make bread and eat together. Or we are gardening in the backyard, tending to a garden that flourishes quickly in this heat and humidity. Just last week, we harvested blue pea flowers and oregano from our garden for pancakes and tea. Getting my hands and feet in dirt, immersing in the soul of the earth have replaced long jaunts in the forest since 2021 began.

A day at work begins in the Teachers Room reading a Rudolf Steiner verse and message from the angels. In the classroom with the children, we connect to what matters when we light a candle, then honor all that is and who we truly are in a circle, with soulful poetry and movement. 

This year of change is one I witness the fullness and alchemy of my physical and metaphysical practices. There is a sense of completion yet everything has just begun. There is so much I want to bring to this world. All that illuminate and nourish me, the movement, esoteric knowledge and epiphanies, I bring them to school. I love to cradle the soft faces of my children and whisper “I am here with you.”

When I see little souls, I see their gifts and lessons this incarnation. I see the inner child wounds of their guardians. I see spiritual beings exploring and living this tricky yet beautiful human existence with wonder, guilelessness and innocence. 

As conscious educators we connect them to a divinity on this earthly realm that is not unlike their true home. We must not forget where we came from. We are of light and galaxies, multidimensional and multifaceted. Peel back the veils of amnesia and we see heaven in flowers and crystals, dragonflies and clouds, mountains and oceans. I wish for children to know their greatness and be true to their longings. I wish for them to know they possess more courage and resilience than fathomable, that they can be everything they want to be. I wish for them to live the best of their infinite potential like I rise purposefully every morning living the heights and depths of me. I am sooooo deeply humbled I touch heaven and earth every darned day doing what I love. I wish the same for every sentient being walking this path that is sometimes crooked and breathlessly heartrending. Life can be as magical and lyrical as you wish it to be. ✨